الجمعة، 26 نوفمبر 2010

Alshakrp II and their relationship to sexual practices

Alshakrp second (abdomen)

[Alshakrp second is the abdomen located 2 inches below the navel and its roots in the spine of this center is responsible for the basic needs of sex and morals, learning and assessment for oneself, friendship, passion and ability to link with others in a friendly way. How they are affected by the expression of emotions during childhood
That an appropriate balance in this Alshakrp means the ability to express emotions freely, feeling, and reach out to others sexually and if this Alshakrp closed the person feels that an exploding emotionally manipulated by and obsessed with the ideas of nationality or feeling of a lack of energy may also include problems of somatic (physical) and double kidney and bragging down back, constipation and contraction joints
The base color of the orange Alshakrp is: when these Alshakrp clean person will be thinking positive thinking will not penetrate any ideas confused (confused ideas dealt with by the selfishness and hatred) because Alshakrp nationality is responsible for the purity and light pink pure
When Alshakrp Nationality clean when a person is reflected in the purity of the unconscious and his life is positive without any complaints, and approaching from the other, where man lives in harmony with the reality of life so doing, the man himself to create a region of the unconscious has both positive or negative.
Gem for this Alshakrp: Bloodstone, ruby, tiger eyes, amber, pearl moon and the ancient stone, carnelian, coral