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Pearl Pearl
Pearls come in terms of human appreciation after the diamonds, emeralds, however, it is not more than the product of the infected oysters indigestion
Bead pearl is the growth of abnormal round and bright component of nacre nacre component, in turn, Article Aragonayat aragonite, which is a component of seashell oysters, but the main component of the Pearl is a substance called albuminoid located cells that secrete these substrates to the shells of oysters in the skin that covers the entire body of oysters or part of it

When attacking a molecule strange, such as parasites or grains of sand or any other objects disturbing oysters and crossed the cells attached to the same so the molecule and the adoption of circular layers of single-core of nacre around the molecule and over a period of time lasting several years is configured bead of pearls, and grew nacre around muscle tissue often becomes irregular shape and then knows baroque pearl Baroque pearls and pearl festering be the result of the growth of pearls are adjacent to the shells of oysters and is often the flat
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Comes pearls in assorted colors, they could be black or white or gray or blue or yellow or green or pink and supports color on the type of shellfish and the environment in which they live and pearl pink is the most expensive, although it can get pearls value commercially of oysters, who was raised in pure, but the most valuable pearls are those extracted from the oyster, who lives in the Indian Ocean where we can get the pearl pink

The city is also the best pearls are those that come from the sea of north and west of Australia and the coast of California and the Arabian Gulf, are found in the Gulf last some of the best pearls in the world is the product of the shellfish which live in salt water and is called Mohar or oyster mohar, who lives in depths of up to between 15 and 37 m